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青春是挽不回的水,转眼消失在指尖, 用力的浪费, 再用力的后悔,不要沉溺于过去, 接受新的生活、 新的自己、 新的团队!在这里,你能收获的不仅仅是高薪,还有技能,知识和家人。

收拾行李,寻找新的自己! 加入我们吧!

Who We Are

We are a leading manufacture , 10 years above experience in Mobile electroinic accessoires , to provide on-stop solution - R&D, purchasing ,producing, packing and delivery. for B2B , B2C, OEM business,

Beelan's logo image is blue butterfly, which originates from the ancient Chinese legend - "Zhuang zhou 's dreaming of Becoming a Butterfly". Becoming a bluebutterfly means a new reborn company with pursuing love , freedom and dream. Hope our beloved products can fly to the worldwide .

Our History